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Making an insurance claim may be a hassle for some people. Kurnia has come up with a simple guideline that could help you accelerate your claim process. Here's a simple to-do list that could guide you to pursue your insurance claim easily, minus the hassle:

A Own Damage Claim

You can make an Own Damage claim towards loss / damages sustained to your vehicle on your own policy, if your vehicle is protected by a comprehensive motor insurance policy.

Report to the police within 24 hours as required by Law.

Send your vehicle to an authorized workshop for immediate attention. Check with your insurance company on the list of panel authorized workshop.

Kurnia Insurans policyholders can use our Panel Workshop Locator to find the workshop of your choice or call our 24-hour Kurnia Auto Assist at 1-800-88-3833 for assistance.

Collect the claim form from your insurance company, complete and sign accordingly, and submit together with copy of the following documents within 14 days.

Original police report
2. Repairer's estimated cost of repairs
3. Copies of:

- Insurance Policy / Cover note
- Vehicle registration card
- Road tax disc
- Identity card and driving license of the vehicle owner
- Identity card and driving license of the driver
- Hire purchase agreement (if applicable)

To get prompt attention, you are advised to submit your claim with full documentation as prescribed above direct to Kurnia Head Office or any of our Branch Offices.

You are encouraged to provide your hand phone number during claims notification, as you will receive SMS notifications informing you the status of your Own Damage claim instantly.

Your NCD will be forfeited when you make an Own Damage claim.

No-Fault Own Damage Claim

No-Fault Own Damage claim is similar to an Own Damage claim with exception that your NCD will not be forfeited. Introduced by Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) effective June 2001 in order to expedite the claim process, this claim is applicable only when the accident is deemed not your fault. This is determined by the circumstances of the accident and through the police investigation report (ie Police compound/findings, sketch plan and key) to support the claim. The claim is made only with regards to damages to your vehicle excluding compensations such as loss of use.

Follow the procedure as outlined in "Own Damage Claim". In addition to the documents to be submitted with your claim form, please enclose the following documents :

Copies of :

-Signed declaration letter (for No-fault accident)
-Third party's police report
-Police compound / findings
-Police sketch plan and keys (if any)




Private Car Comprehensive Motor Insurance policyholders of Kurnia Insurans (M) Berhad.
Your policy must be in force.


Breakdown refers to immobilization of vehicle arising from any cause (other than those excluded under the conditions).

Breakdown services & assistance will include any/all attention to render vehicle mobile be it minor or major repairs at breakdown site or service provider’s workshop and/or towing to a specified destination.

A.1 Repairs

The cost of all minor or major, repairs carried out at breakdown site or service provider’s workshop are to be negotiated and agreed upon between you and the service provider.

The following services will not be construed as repairs but will be provided without additional charges:

- changing flat tyre
- replacing battery and
- jump start

A.2 Towing

Where and when necessary consequent upon vehicle breakdown, the service provider will provide towing service to you.

The insured vehicle will be towed to a nearest service provider’s workshop or a specified destination.

A.3 Charges

The charges/rates for towing services are based on the time the service is provided and the distance involved.

Assistance within 30 km radius from service provider’s workshop to breakdown scene FREE
From 31 km up to 50 km RM1.50 per km (for day and night)
Above 50 km RM2.00 per km (for day and night)

The above charges exclude repairs, cost of parts and toll charges. (if any)

All due payment is to be paid directly to the service provider.


If you wish to make a claim under Kurnia comprehensive policy, the terms will vary as follows;

You do not have to pay the towing fee as it will be claimed as part of the claim procedure.
The service provider will provide all assistance and advise you in expediting the claim process as per Kurnia’s guidelines.


The KAA services will not be extended under any of the following circumstances:

The vehicle has no engine or transmission, for purpose of disposing vehicle or towing from one workshop to another.

The vehicle is in any remote area, non-gazetted road e.g. estate, plantation, jungle, basement and rooftop parking area, etc.

Any Act of God, catastrophes, adverse weather conditions, etc. that may prevent the service provider to render the necessary services.

There is a power failure, mishap, etc. that may render the Call Center inoperable.

We URGE you to always call the Kurnia Call Center and request for the assistance you need.


The KAA card will be mailed directly to you at your corresponding address as indicated in the policy.
The KAA card will entitle YOU to enjoy:

- Breakdown/Towing Services
A 24-hour auto assistance service for breakdown/towing.
- Kurnia Rebates/Discounts
Enjoy savings through our wide and varied network of participating merchants.
- Kurnia Information Service
Easy and convenient information to numerous services/emergency assistance related establishments.

NOTE : Kurnia Insurans (M) Berhad reserves the right at any time without prior notice to add, alter or modify any terms and conditions provided under this plan.


Insurance is much more than just providing protection for us. It is about developing a relationship based on trust. It also means providing an exceptional level of personal attention to our customers. Below are what some of our satisfied customer have said about their experience with Kurnia Auto Assist.

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Fast response from KAA
On 16/3/2005 my husband was driving from KL to Kulim and when he reached at Persimpangan Taman Saujana, Kamunting Perak the car tyre was punctured and torn. He tried to change with the spare tyre but the jack cannot be use, so he decided to call Kurnia for help. Within 15 minutes there's a guy came to help him change the tyre. Here I would like to express my recognition to Mr. Sukdev & the call center personnel for their fast response. Again THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
From: Alamelu A/P Kanthan @ Arumugam

Heartiest thanks to KAA
Last Sunday my car broke down at Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya. I called up Kurnia Call Center and spoke to a personnel named Ms. Amy and requested for towing. She was very polite and understanding and tried her level best to get a tow truck as soon as possible, but none was available at the time. After one and a half hour, she called me up to apologise for the unforseen delay and told me she managed to get an in-house tow truck which towed my car back to my house which was about 5km away. Later she called me again to enquire whether everything was okay. Though initially I was a bit irritated about the long delay which resulted in being late for my appointment in Klang, I was somewhat cooled down later by her concern, patience and understanding over my situation which I can boldly acknowledge as good service after all.

This afternoon my car broke down again on top of the LDP double decker bridge near your Kurnia Head Office. It was a hot afternoon and my stalled car was beggining to cause a jam. I called up for assistance and spoke to a lady. The response time was very fast this time, and the tow truck arrived within 20 minutes after my call, and towed my car home which was about 8km away. Later she called me up to enquire my situation and whether I was okay.

From my 2 experiences of car breakdowns, I can dare to say that Kurnia Call Center is responsive and managed by understanding and patient people. My heartiest thanks to Amy and her colleague and keep up the good work.
From: Siew Ah Kau

Thank you KAA
It was November 17th, 2004, when I found out that my Proton Wira clutch was not functioning. I still remember I have an Auto Assist card from Kurnia Insurans which I never used before. I was sceptical at the beginning on Kurnia Auto Assist, but with the assurance and constant persuasion from my neighbour on its services, I gave a call to Kurnia Call Center. It was answered by a friendly operator named Tila and the call was well taken by her. 10 minutes later, I received a call from Mr. Chin Man Ken who was polite and friendly throughout the conversation.

20 minutes later, Chin reached my house with a tow truck and took about 10 minutes to engage the towing facility to my car. He then towed my car to Taman Seri Muda. I was shocked that he only charged me RM3. That was very low indeed compared to any towing services around town. I was very pleased and called back the Call Center to thank Ms. Tila for the good service rendered.

I am proud to be Kurnia policyholder and will continue being one.
From: Ms. Lee Swee Chin

Well done and keep up the good service!
It was 20 Jan 2004 evening, my car's electronic window was not working properly and my handphone was in low battery. Lastly, I decided to call KAA. The operator told me that KAA service does not cover for that area but she will try her best to contact any workshop available. After a while, a workshop guy called me. I was really impressed and would like to thank both the KAA team and the workshop people for their helpfulness and kind assistance. Well done and keep up the good service!
From: Wong

Keep up the good work
Kereta saya rosak lebih kurang pukul 3 petang di Johor Bahru baru-baru ini, dengan segera saya meminta bantuan menunda kereta daripada KAA. Panggilan saya diterima dengan baik oleh En. Shahriman. Dia begitu mengambil berat tentang keadaan kereta saya dan menelefon hampir setiap satu jam. Perkhidmatan yang diberikan sungguh cekap dan berhemah. Kali terakhir dia menelefon pada pukul 7 petang dan waktu itu kereta saya sudah pun berada di bengkel dengan selamat. Terima kasih kepada En. Shahriman! Keep up the good work.
From: En. Seth Khaier

A Thankful Customer
On last Wednesday at around 6.00pm my car broke down/stalled just as I was about to turn into Phileo Damansara Commercial Centre. I called KAA and was immediately attended to by your staff at the call centre, Ms Tilaga. I was glad that your mechanic, En. Hamdzah came about half an hour later considering that it was peak hours in KL. He isolated the problem to be a faulty distibutor. Fortunately, I still have my previous one and he fixed it back for me so that I could start the car again. I could then drove back to my home and thankful he managed to fix up everything by 8:45pm. It soon bagan to rain after that. I want to highlight a few things here that I thought are important:

Your KAA service is excellent and it certainly live up to my expectations in this case. Your staff did assist me by arranging for a tow truck but in the end I decided against it as it was not required.

En. Hamdzah's patience and assistance is very much appreciated considering the conditions and circumstances at the time. Please convey my gratitude to him again.

Ms Tilaga who was following up with phone calls all the way till I got back home. Please convey my gratitude to her for her caring and concern attitude.

Your system and process in place to attend to such an event or emergency.

You deserve a pat on the back for this. A Thankful Customer.
From: Dennis Pek

hanks for your assistance
My car was stranded on the 6th August 2002, 6pm at the Srpint Highway near Damansara toll booth. As a member of the Auto Asist, this the first time I try the breakdown services. Although I and my family waited for about 1 hour (it was heavy rain and heavily jam in KL), finally the truck came and towed away our car to an authorised workshop at Jalan Kilang, PJ. We reach there at 7.30pm and no mechanics was around. We were told to collect our car only by tomorrow. We a bit dissappointed because our house is far away at Keramat. We are tired and we could hardly get any taxi around. Without hesitation, the truck driver insist to send us to the nearest LRT, which is 5km away from the workshop (he is using his own car!). Finally we got home safely at 9pm. The next day I call the workshop and was informed that my my car can be collected before noon. At 11am, I managed to collect my car and the car was fixed with a very reasonable price too! I was happy and satisfied with Auto Assist services and the repaired work to my car. Thanks to Mr Ricky the tow truck driver for his kind assistance and to the kind services by the workshop staffs. They have done a good job!
From: Hazari Mohd Pilus

Well done KAA
Dear Sir/Mdm,

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Fong Shu Yong and I'm from KL.

Something went wrong with my car last Friday, at around 1.00am. The 'alternator' wasn't working, my car seemed to be slowing down and eventually it stopped moving. I tried many times to restart the car but failed.

I was panic and really did not know what to do exactly at then! Although I am not a policyholder of Kurnia, I was advised by your colleague, Ng Wai Yu to call up KAA for advice. Your operator, Iqmal attended promptly and efficiently to my problem trying to explain and assist me at his best capacity. Step by step, he had identified the causes of my car breakdown, and very patiently he offered his advice. Further to that he even called up your mechanic to assist. This was what I appreciate so much. With the numerous of follow-up calls from him, I finally knew what went wrong with my car. I felt so much more comfortable. I was very pleased with the kind of attitude shown by En. Iqmal. He is very friendly and helpful indeed.

Please convey my sincere gratitude to your Iqmal. Besides, I've told my brother to place our car insurance with Kurnia Insurans (Malaysia) Berhad since Kurnia Auto Assist provides such a good services, which he has agreed.

I might not have overcome the situation above without the help of Mr. Ng and En. Iqmal.

Thank you & well done KAA.
From: Ms. Fong Shu Yong

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



The basic motor policy protects the Insured against loss or damage to the Insured vehicle, third party bodily injuries and properties depending on the coverage selected. The types of coverage available are:

Third Party Cover
Indemnifies the Insured against legal liability arising from both bodily injury and property damage to third party.

Third Party Fire & Theft Cover
Provides cover as in "Third Party Cover", and also indemnifies the Insured in the event that the Insured's vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire.

Comprehensive Cover
Provides covers as in "Third Party Fire & Theft Cover", plus physical damage to the Insured's vehicle following accidental collision or over-turning.


Kurnia Auto Assist, a 24-hour assistance service for breakdowns and accidents comes FREE with Kurnia Private Car Comprehensive policy.


The policy covers the following types of vehicle:

Private Vehicles
Private Car, Private Van & Four Wheel Drive (Private Use)

Goods Carrying Vehicles
Commercial Goods Carrying Vehicles with 'A' and 'C' Permit; also Petroleum, Diesel and Bitumen Tankers, LPG Long Trailer & Low Loader with 'A' and 'C' Permit.

Other Types of Vehicle
Taxis, Buses, Motorcycles, Tractor, Mobile Crane etc.


The premium is calculated according to the Motor tariff prescribed by Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) based on the following attributes :

Type of Coverage (Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft, Third Party)
Use of vehicle (Private Car, Goods Carrying Vehicle, Buses, Taxis, etc)
Cubic capacity / Carrying Capacity
Age of vehicle
NCD Allowed
Sum Insured
No. of Authorized Drivers
Extended coverage

Policyholders also enjoy the following extended benefits with additional premium:

Windscreen (for Comprehensive Cover only)
Covers the breakage of glass in windscreens, front, rear and side windows. The damaged windscreen will be replaced and your NCB will not be affected.
[Premium Charged - 15% of the Amount Insured]

Compensation For Assessed Repair Time (CART) (for Comprehensive Cover Only)
Compensation to insured on loss of use of his vehicle based on loss adjuster’s assessment of the time required for repairs due to an accident claim and NOT the number of days the car is laid up at the workshop. (For more details, please refer to our agents / nearest branches).

All Drivers Coverage
(For Private use vehicle registered under company/organisation) This extra coverage allows any authorized person to drive your car. Not applicable to commercial vehicles (i.e. trailers, lorry etc).
[Premium Charged - RM50 per vehicle]

All Riders Coverage
(For Motorcycle-Comprehensive/Third Party Cover) This policy covers unnamed riders.
[Premium Charged - 50% loading of Basic Premium]

Legal Liability To Passengers
This coverage protects the Insured against legal liability to the passenger in the event of a claim.
[Premium Charged - 25% of Third Party Premium]
Basic Premium up to 4 persons only.

Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion (for Comprehensive Cover only)
Covers the vehicle against damage caused by strike, riot and civil commotion.
[Premium = 0.3% x Sum Insured of your vehicle]

Legal Liability of Passengers
Covers the legal liability of passengers for acts of negligence.
[Premium - RM7.50 per car]

Current Year NCD Relief
This extension provides cover for compensation for loss of "No Claim Discount" (NCD).
[Premium - 15% on NCD entitlement of the current period of insurance and is subject to a minimum premium of RM50]


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